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Why Choose Us

  Funding Opportunities

Why Choose Funding Opportunities

With a team specializing in rebate financing, we locate all available incentive and rebate programs for your business or organization. Once approved for funding, the rebate amount covers most, or all, of the purchase and installation price for your EV charging or solar equipment. At Zero Impact Solutions, we don’t cut corners like our competitors— we just work harder than everybody else to secure the funding available to you.

  Quality Craftsmanship

Why Choose Quality Craftsmanship

Our construction crews are staffed with the best local electricians and site foreman. High attention to detail means your site will have the finest electrical work available— and we will never leave it looking messy or unkempt. From clean conduit bundling to detailed concrete work, our builders have all the experience and know-how necessary to take your renewable energy project all the way from a dream to a finely-built reality.

24/7 Support

Why Choose 24/7 Support

Whether you’re a business owner or an EV driver, our Evolv app offers 24/7 customer service so you and your customers can stay charged up and on the go. Calls are answered day or night and never put through to voicemail: You’ll always get a live person to help. With an industry-leading warranty, we guarantee all work performed meets our strict quality standards and are more than happy to repair or service any products should problems arise.

  Teams of Experts

Why Choose Teams of Experts

End-to-end solutions require end-to-end teams of experts. Our engineers design plans and work with local utilities, our permitting and financing division takes care of the paperwork, and our construction crews handle installation. Once you’re powered up and ready to go, our in-house support team works with you to ensure the user experience continues to be ideal. If you want expert results— hire the experts.


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