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Earlier this year the federal government passed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill which includes $7.5 billion for EV charging infrastructure over the next five years— meaning it’s now easier than ever before for businesses like yours to install new, revenue-generating technology with little risk.

EV infrastructure isn’t the only a government-funded transition: There are also millions of dollars available nation-wide for solar and energy storage systems to elevate your renewable energy enterprise above the clouds. Combined with existing state incentive and rebate financing, there’s a wealth of opportunity to utilize public funding to enhance your property’s value and create a passive long-term revenue stream.

There are no downsides to our Zero Impact Solutions: with our experienced rebate financing team, you’re guaranteed to come out in the green with every install.


Level 2 & 3 Charging Stations

Zero Impact Solutions’ Level 2 and Level 3 Charging Stations are equipped with several standard connector heads like CHAdeMO, J1772, and CCS1 that enable any EV to charge in your lot. With both Level 2 and Level 3 stations available for installation, there’s a range of charging styles and speeds to best meet your business’ needs. Whether you’re looking to offer employee charging as a job perk, be a quick stop for travelers off the interstate or offer overnight charging to business patrons, we provide the perfect charging solution for your organization.

Two DCFC chargers at Yorba Linda 76 gas station

Solar & Storage Systems

We know that good business means limiting your downtime and maximizing your uptime. When Zero Impact Solutions installs energy storage systems (ESS) paired with solar at your site, our multi-prong approach to energy management gives you greater control over your business. Solar and storage systems— a combination of photovoltaic panels that harness solar energy and battery storage units that temporarily hold that energy for later use— are the key to energy resiliency and redundancy. Our integrated systems ensure you always have the edge you need to stay running and open, even when your competitors lose power. A reliable way to fuel your site, our energy storage systems can easily be used as a primary power source for your establishment or as a backup source in case of emergencies.

You can even choose to access your stored energy when prices are high, enabling peak shaving that allows you to save money on your power bill. When you use your stored energy, it’s quickly replenished with the next sunny day. No matter your intended usage, rest assured that our integrated solar and storage systems come in a range of sizes and power capabilities to fit your energy and sustainability goals.


Our proprietary vertical hydroponic module is the gold standard for indoor farming. With integrated software that allows users to run the entire system with little direct intervention, it’s easier than ever to monitor statistics like nutrient levels, water, or light. Users can custom-design a LiveCube farm to fit their indoor space and minimize outside contaminants that would influence growth in a traditional hydroponic or outdoors setup, guaranteeing that fruits and vegetables are grown to perfection. With a potential to increase production per square meter by a factor of 30, decrease water use by up to 95% and labor costs by 75%, LiveCube offers a fresh approach to hydroponic farming that’s sure to serve the needs of all growers.