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Buying a traditional internal combustion engine vehicle is intimidating enough— but buying an EV doesn’t have to be. With these guides you can see which EVs qualify for incentives, learn how to charge your ride like a pro, and get all the data you could ever need to make an informed purchase decision before you walk into the dealership:

California Clean Car Buying Guide
Use this tool to search vehicles and incentives:

EV Charging 101
Learn all the basics about charging your EV:

California Energy Commission New ZEV Sales:
View ZEV sales in California and compare across counties, carmakers, and more:

Alternative Fuels Data Center
Residents from any state can explore data about a variety of renewable and alternative energy technologies:

Domestic EV sales grew by
85% from 2020 to 2021

250,279 EVs sold in
California in 2021


Learning about renewables doesn’t have to mean reading about them endlessly— it can also mean getting accurate and up-to-date visualizations. With the tools below, you can calculate the cost of owning and operating an EV charging station at your establishment, estimate what a solar installation can do for your power bill, or see just how heavy-hitting renewable energy really is:

U.S. Department of Transportation EV Planning Resources Cost Analysis
Use these tools to generate a financial analysis of owning and operating an EV charging station:

California ISO
California residents can get a better look at where their energy is coming from every day, including the percentage of the total load served by renewable energy:

NREL PVWatts Calculator
Use this tool to help estimate the performance of a photo-voltaic installation at your site:

EVs make up 16.3% of all
light-duty sales in California
for Q1-Q2 of 2022

To date, our chargers have
prevented 445.9 tons of CO2
from being released

Latest Industry News

As an ever-evolving industry, it can be hard to stay up to date on the latest news in the green-sphere. New federal and state funding, legislation that’s helping accelerate innovation and EVolution, cutting-edge research, and more can be found below:

Environmental and Energy Study Institute
Read the latest energy studies and legislation here:

Joint Office of Energy and Transportation
Learn about how the Department of Energy and the Department of Transportation are working together to transition American transportation to electric:

U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration Bipartisan Infrastructure Law
Learn more about current federal funding for transportation infrastructure:

U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration Bipartisan Infrastructure Law
Learn about the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Formula Program: